If you love bikes and call yourself a dedicated motorcycle tragic there’s a pretty good chance you’ve been living under a rusty fuel tank if you haven’t heard of Dymag wheels.  They’ve been around since the 14th century (more accurately 1974) and have done more laps and won races more times than Alf Stewart has said “stone the flamin’ crows”.

I love the British country side. Green fields as far as the eye can see, amazing old architecture, pretty little towns, lorries making their way down incredibly tight winding back roads flat out towards you in your Fiat 500 rental car and the occasion industrial estate boasting an iconic brand known right throughout the motorsport world for making some of the best wheels to ever make their way onto top level motorsport cars and motorbikes!

Dymag are so well setup in the way they assemble and process orders that unlike other brands their wheels are mostly universal and it’s only a matter of fitting the correct hub which means orders turn-around times are short and you get your sexy new wheels lighting fast!

Situated in the town of Chippenham, Dymag have been punching out wheels since before sideburns were cool and to this day keep driving forward and improving to keep themselves at the top of their game. Currently moving regular quantities of cast, forged and carbon motorcycle wheels they clearly design rims for fast and simple fitment solutions to most motorbikes using a clever technique which lets the base rim stay the same, but uses different hub sizes and offsets. This means that when you order your wheels the turn-around time is usually faster. Something rather important, especially for racers getting ready for upcoming meetings.

On arrival at Dymag I was given a quick tour of the office to meet some of the people who keen the wheels turning at Dymag (pun intended) before heading into the production area located in a separate building.

With big changes being made in the casting, forging and carbon laying departments I respectfully went for more of a look at where the wheels are currently finished. One if the major parts which you’ll see in the photos is the vast amount of hubs that Dymag do. What this allows them to achieve is faster turn-around time on wheels and less individual wheels to be designed as it’s a kind of a “on size fits all” approach with the hubs being designed to suit each bike, not the wheels. The current processes of fettling, machining, bonding and coating are all done under the same roof (in different areas) so all aspects can be overseen in-house and quality control is kept to the highest standard.

Without boring you endlessly about how awesome I thought the place is, instead I’ll hopefully get you excited about a few things Dymag have on the boil and coming up! Firstly, their carbon designs have now found themselves into the 4-wheeled market, so if you take a look at their website www.dymag.com and head to the “Auto” section you’ll find the all-new Boxstrom carbon-hybrid wheel range. Also though a bit closer to home, following on from my own racing adventures up the back of the magazine a little while back, I’ve decided to build a semi replica of a 90s Superbike and have since got my own set of Dymag wheels to put on it. Can’t wait to show you what that one looks like!

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