Watch the full event!

Stay tuned for Round 2

We’re excited to be collaborating with Pace Syndicate Events to live stream their events through HoonTV.

We’ll be hosting each stream through the HoonTV website, so check the site as we’ll put a holding page up before each event goes live!

First round for this will be here before we know it, so whats changed? not much really, apart from some increased prize money, the fact we’ll be broadcasted on Podium Broadcasting and a couple of extra rounds, not much….

oh, but there is one major change in the format


for this series we are removing the 2 lap solo flyers and replacing with a 10 minute open session.. which will be interesting on such small tracks. The catch? you only get 3 Laps that count, so timing is crucial.
This should provide a bit more entertainment and also help mix up the starting grids for the heats a little more. Those Aliens will now need to rely on a little luck.

But hey, cop a bad run in Qual, it’s not the end of the world, this is Heat Racing, plenty of opportunities to climb your way back!

Don’t forget, if you want to race, sign up to the leage below to make sure you can access the servers!

Shoot us a msg if you have any more questions. There are also still some room for some sponsors if anyones keen to jump on board and get some coverage on the broadcast too!

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