Going racing with ASBK Supersport sensation and cancer survivor Nic Liminton!

Day 2
What a day!

This morning we all had our fingers and and toes crossed that a replacement piggy-back ECU would fix the tuning woes that had popped up with the bike on Friday. After our ASBK first or having an Uber driver deliver the parts, the replacement seemed to be doing it’s job, but we had to wait until today’s first qualifying session to make sure it was all working.

At first everything seemed to be ok and the bike was on song as it passed us on the pit wall. Nic did a 1:37.114 and was in P5, but the bike dropped off again. Thankfully Tristan from Pro-Bolt Australia had his full setup at the event, which included a dyno, so with his help with ran the bike up and checked to see what was happening. Intermittent issues were still apparent with the piggy-back, so tuner and head tech Tony from Race Bike Services bypassed it to just use the Yamaha YEC. It seemed to be a bit better.

Whilst tristan was luckily able to help us out, he was also jumping between and the dyno and qualifying himself on this mental Kawasaki 1260cc powered V&M frame from 1978!

In the second qualifier Nic and the other riders were facing a decent headwind down the main straight, so the top speeds were suffering a little. This didn’t stop him from getting the ailing R6 into P6 with a best time of 1:37.625. This in turn put him in P6 averaged across both sessions. The problem though was on his final lap something failed in the engine and the bike was only running on 2-cylinders. There was now smoke or oil, so hopefully it’s nothing too major, but given the timeframe for Sunday morning’s first practice, we decided to grab bike #2 which is the older 2009 model and as setup as the wet bike and swap all of the parts across to it. Another quick trip to the dyno saw bike #2 making a little less power, but enough for Nic to race on Sunday, so considering the fact that he’s riding like a demon, he’ll be fired up and looking to give the riders on the front row a run for their money!

Top photo by @half.light




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