Throwing back to when I was given the keys to a brand new KTM STM 990 and I just happened to be heading their the Italian Alps!

Bucket list ride…… tick!

To say it’s the coolest road I’ve ever ridden wouldn’t be the full truth, to be honest I’ve ridden roads in Japan that make the Stelvio Pass seem a bit meh, yet it is a famous road, so it was cool none the less. In terms of speed it’s not a fast road, especially when you get into the tight stuff. I was mostly in 1st and 2nd gear, but what does make it amazing is the climb and the view.

Would I go back? Absolutely!

What would I want to ride or drive next time? Anything really, but to be honest unless there’s no traffic, I think it’s a road that you’d enjoy more on a bike, especially because you can blast by a tourist bus or any other traffic moving at a snails pace!

HoonTV road rating… 4/5 Hoons


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