Story: Mark Boxer
Photos: Jason Kirk

The very first line of the brochure for the current model Hyundai iLoad says, “we have one goal – the be Australia’s most loved car company, we’re driven by the simple philosophy that life’s most incredible moments shouldn’t be reserved for a select few, and everyone should be able to experience an exciting and enjoyable drive”. Marketing hoo har or a genuine message? In my opinion, that’s such a great, honest way of delivering an intro and given my experience in the iLoad, it fits perfectly.

Now before I start, here’s the thing about how I personally plan to review cars on HoonTV. An honest opinion, no technical fluff and definitely no use of the word bespoke… that is unless it’s a brand name. Hate that word.

Wind back the clock to 2008 when I first drove an iLoad, I went from Sydney to Casino which is on the border of NSW and QLD on one tank of diesel. Aside from the great economy though, it was definitely much nicer to drive than a regular style van where you’re sitting over the engine and made the trip quite enjoyable.

Ten years on and I’m driving around in the new, updated version. It’s not that far removed, but it’s updated and Hyundai have put in a lot of work to iron out earlier bugs. In saying that though, basic research shows that any vans with issues are usually ones with high mileage or those that have had a hard life. They’re definitely a popular option and these days you’d be struggling to drive around in a day and not see a lot of iLoads on the road.

Over the past week I’ve used the iLoad not only to commute around Sydney’s busy roads, but I’ve also been carting around a few motorbikes (one being the WE/98). Something it’s great for given the fact that it has so many tie-down points and dual sliding doors. I’ve been driving an automatic diesel CRDi model which has plenty of poke and definitely doesn’t go like an old van. Another thing I liked was the fact that the iLoad isn’t too tall, so I was still able to squeeze it in to the undercover carpark below the hotel where I was staying.

The features of the iLoad… Well I’m not going to sit here and regurgitate the sales brochure to tell you about this and that, how many of those it has etc, because it’s been done time and time again. And to be honest, you can just go straight to the Hyundai website or even a dealership to read about it or speak to a salesperson.

In closing, if you want my opinion, the new iLoad is spot on. It looks great, does exactly what it’s designed for, it’s not over complicated and is a pleasure to drive. The price is right, it has the typical Hyundai warranty and the servicing doesn’t cost a fortune. I’m giving it an honest score of a 9/10 and that’s only due to the fact that the cruise control is a little bit old school compared to more modern systems, yet it’s its defence, any cruise control is better than no cruise control, so it’s a minor moan.

Yes I would own one and even more so, yes I really like the updated aesthetics. I’d just like to see one with a set of aftermarket wheels, or even a dealer option that gave buyers something similar to the Ford Transit Custom which was given the M Sport treatment…. Maybe an N model, like the i30N.

Anyway, I like it, so if you are considering a new van. Take one for a test drive. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

“Giving it an honest score out of 10 I'm at a 9/10 and that only due to the fact that the cruise control is a little bit old school compared to more modern systems, but it's its defence, any cruise control is better than no cruise control, so it's a minor moan.”


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