Welcome to phase 2 of the FRANK THE TANK Toyota Landcruiser build.

In this video we rip open the box to reveal all of the awesome products that have arrived from Mark’s 4WD Adaptors for the LS engine swap. For more information on these conversions, head to https://www.marks4wd.com/engine-conversions.html

We also fit up and trail fit one of the awesome Black Rhino Wheels and Yokohama tyres.
To find out about Black Rhino wheels from Fuel Autotek, head to their website at www.fuelautotek.com.au or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FUELAUTOTEK/ or @fuelautotek on Instagram

Check out the range of great 4WD tyre from Yokohama at www.yokohama.com.au

With things getting a little bit more serious now, we’re excited to announce Burson Auto Parts as the sponsor of the project.

Please follow them via https://www.facebook.com/BursonAutoParts or head to their website https://www.burson.com.au

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