What do you look for when it comes to buying a new helmet? Obviously safety is a huge priority, but there’s fit, ventilation/comfort and above all… how cool it looks right?

Well I can tell you now that having spent a fair bit of time with my head in a Carbon Skin SHARK Race R Pro, that it not only ticks all of those boxes, but it does one other thing that over the past week has been noticeably brilliant. You see this helmet is glasses friendly.

It has more room on the side, so gone are the days of jamming you glasses in and then dealing with the moving around on your face with the helmet as you move your head. 3 weeks ago I had to have a septorhinoplasty done on my nose to repair damage after being struck in the face by a football. (No I wasn’t trying to catch it, I was filming for the TV and if came out of nowhere when I was looking the other way… long story).

Anyway, since the operation I’ve felt well enough to have a ride of the bike and noticed that the pressure on my nose from the glasses was very minimal thanks to the Shark. Sounds like not much, but given the fact that my nose is still very tender, I’m being over cautious. This level of added comfort will come into play for normal riding too. Less headaches, better visibility around corners because your glasses haven’t moved and an better riding experience for ya glasses wearers!

For more info on the Shark range of helmets, head to the Ficeda Motorcycle Accessories website www.ficeda.com.au


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